Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Riding Pictures!

From two of our rides out in the snow last week, when we had much better weather. Any comments or critiques of my riding position or anything are welcome, as I am working without a trainer. I know Sofie is still getting a little inverted at times, but she's much better than she used to be, if you look back at some of my old pictures of her. And I was pleasantly surprised by my position...not horribly slouchy, and my shoulder-hip-heel alignment is actually perfect in many of the photos. Usually I hate the way I look in riding pictures, so it was nice to actually...not be hating on myself for once. Yay for simple pleasures, eh?

Walk Pictures (our specialty)











This was from the day I took a header into the snow. See how I was perching forward? Tsk, tsk. I love this shot, though, 'cause of the super cool snow glacier.

Also from that day. They always look so innocent before they decide to take off and dump you in the snow.

Is that a bit of evil eye I detect? Hmmm. Not so innocent after all.

Trot Pictures


This is my favorite picture. Nice trot from her, and I love my position in this one.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! It was really good for both of us to get out of the small, unstimulating arena and out into the snow and sunshine. I feel very lucky to have such a nice, picturesque place to ride.

Also, thanks to my first 8 followers! Love the number 8.


  1. Man I wish I had your snow. I want to drive my sleigh some more and go sledding.

  2. One thing on my bucket list: to be able to stand in actually thick snow, not a flurry that melts the minute is hits the ground or sleet. Real, actual, snow.

    Awesome pics! I bet that was a good workout for Miss Sofie!

  3. You should come to the UP of MI, Dressager! We've got real, actual snow for half the year. Lots of snowshoeing and skiing opportunities. I only snowshoe when necessary, and I don't ski, though. I think people who ski and snowboard are nuts (they probably say the same thing about people who ride horses).