Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sofie's Hoof Rehab: The After Photos

I had a nice little post written, but my stupid evil library computer froze, and Blogger didn't save my post. And now I am out of time. So these photos will have to do. They were taken later in November, after a trim. I thought it was a good time to post them since I have hooves on the brain (Sofie was recently trimmed, and Anne, her barefoot trimmer, showed her hoof to the owner of a hoof-challenged horse and proclaimed that "This is what we want for YOUR horse's feet!"). I honestly never thought she would be a hoof model since her hooves were so bad when we got her (and we didn't even know the full extent of their badness). So I'm quite happy about that. I just hope we can fix all her other "issues", too.


  1. They look gorgeous. Did the nice heel come with the corrective shoeing? How long did it take for her feet to come along?

    Greta was shod when we got her and the shoes have been off since May, so I was just curious how long it takes for a horse's feet to look awesome like that!

  2. The nice heel came with no shoeing. We did have Sofie's feet cast originally because they were so flat...the frog was very puny and narrow...and the sole was so thin her natural foot trimmer recommended we be very aggressive. The casting involved putting a flexible polymer on the sole and then applying vetwrap which was then slathered with some type of flexible castlike substance. So Sofie had slippers for about fourteen days during which we handwalked her an hour every day. At the end of that time the casts were removed and there was already some concavity to her hoof. From then on we just went with natural trims every four weeks and the result is the above after beginning in July.

  3. Wow you can really see the new foot coming down! Wait until it fully grows out, those are gonna be some rock-crunchers!