Friday, October 22, 2010

Photos On A Friday

I'm all caught up on ride recaps for the moment (probably to the relief of my long-suffering readers who wish I could throw in some tempi changes every once in a too, guys!), so today I thought I would do a photo post. These were taken last week, and I'm really happy with how they turned out, especially given that they were taken while Sofie was working out of some stiffness. She definitely looks better than she has been looking (and feeling). I'm especially happy with how happy she apppears and how she is accepting the bit.

So, enjoy the photos! You can click on any of them to enlarge them (Blogger seems to make them annoyingly small...of course, I'm also viewing them on a Netbook). Feel free to critique/tear apart my position...last time I got a very helpful tip regarding "elbows in" (thanks, Sydney).

NICE, if I do say so myself. Poll is the highest point, neck raised/elongated, back up, hind end in use. I could be stretched up more, but I could also be a lot worse.

Um, way to stare at your horse's neck. She sure looks cute though!

It's all ORANGE!

Pretty trot!

Riding past the gelding field. I'm not entirely sure why my inside rein is 80 miles longer than the outside rein...

Not a bad trot on a downhill slope. My inside rein is way sloppy, but let's just pretend I was practicing uberstreichen. And my horse can carry herself!

This gives you an idea of how wide she really is. And I appear to be crooked, therefore, I am making my horse crooked. Shoot me now.

And down the road we go...

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