Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Before & After

Just sent an e-mail off to the manufacturer and US distributor of my wonderful wither-eating saddle (also known as the Damn Freaking Saddle). We'll see what they have to say...I'm hoping for a partial refund, as I really don't want to have to sell it to some other poor unsuspecting person.

I haven't ridden in five days. Sofie's been a She's been a little stressed by the mares being in a smaller area, and the geldings being close by (a temporary situation during hunting season...'cause it's not open season on mannerless jerk geldings, unfortunately), and she's been gassy (not normal for her) and a little uncomfortable-seeming. Stevie, one of the people involved in Sofie's rehab, did some work on her yesterday and said she was a little uncomfortable in her tummy (just what I want to mind immediately goes "OMG SLOW ONSET COLIC...wait is there such a thing? I dunno but I'm FREAKING OUT!") and recommended we put her on probiotics (great, another expensive supplement for my cheap horse...don't ever buy a cheap horse, guys!). Fortunately, the barn owner had some left over from her late mare, Penny, so we can put her on them and see if they make a difference. We also took a fecal to our neighbor to check for worms, since it's been abnormally warm and the mares are confined to a smaller area and Sofie's not necessarily smart enough to not eat near manure.

She's getting her feet trimmed today, and we'll see if Anne has any other suggestions/possible causes for uncomfy-ness. We're also bringing in and holding the other horse Anne trims at my barn (well, my mom is. He's a big mannerless JERK, and she's a bit more badass than I am when it comes to dealing with horses on the ground. Me, I'd rather be on their back when they're spazzing/being jerks than where I could possibly get stepped on/trampled).

Sometimes I think, geez, why did I get a horse that was obviously such a project? The rehab game can be frustrating, but I believe in Sofie, and I'm learning a lot. It would be a shame to not learn. Learning is way better than being able to ride with any kind of regularity.

So in honor of the never-ending rehab journey (say it with me: FUN!) I present Sofie's Before & After: Conformation Shots

This was actually taken when the woman who sold Sofie to me first got her. Just add obesity, cracked hooves, and possibly an even bigger bulging underneck muscle.

And this was taken in late October. The difference is pretty remarkable, I think.

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  1. Cheap horses must always end up being the most expensive. My free mare has cost me $3K so far, I've had her for four months...